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1 Little Allercleugh,
Bishop Auckland,
Co. Durham,
DL13 1PU.

Phone Number :: 01388 537755
Fax Number :: 01388 537733

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We offer a complete range of commutation services:
  • we will review the data in the account to be commuted, identifying any claims handling, reinsurance or coverage issues which could affect the reinsured claims;
  • we will identify any inuring reinsurance recoveries available, including in respect of any IBNR if possible;
  • we will assess the probable range of IBNR values for an account, utilising our extensive loss reserving and run-off estimation expertise; and then
  • we will suggest a range of probable commutation values.

We can also, relying on our mediation and negotiation experience, act as facilitator of the commutation negotiations if required.

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