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1 Little Allercleugh,
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Co. Durham,
DL13 1PU.

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Help when you really need it

Our expertise is in market problem solving, especially technical reinsurance or market practice problems. Our role is to solve problems for your organisation which you are unable to resolve efficiently using internal resources, problems for which you cannot and should not be expected to hold resources in reserve.

We offer a cost-effective and efficient method of coping with the one-off, the non-standard or the contentious issues which every manager faces. These are the jobs that otherwise languish in your - or a colleague’s - “to do” pile until a deadline has been missed and the job has become a problem!

A wealth of experience

Both partners have considerable experience of the London Market and of reinsurance matters. Phillippa spent nearly fifteen years with the R J Kiln Group at Lloyd’s, working in the areas of claims management and reserving for both direct and reinsurance business, operation and accounting of proportional treaties, and drafting and approving contract and policy wordings. Jeremy has twenty years’ direct experience in the market, with brokers Price Forbes, Bland Welch Reinsurance and E W Payne, computer bureau Sherwood Computer Services, and Lloyd’s Underwriters Cassidy Davis Ltd., specialising mainly in technical reinsurance accounting and business systems analysis and design.

Since setting up Phillippa Ross & Co we have both added to our experience of market practice and of problems in other sectors of the London market as an immediate consequence of our involvement in inspections of records, in major market disputes and in constant general consultation with our clients and their lawyers.


We can help your organisation in many ways but we do not claim to be able to do everything. We believe in sticking firmly to our proper areas of real expertise, and will decline an instruction if we do not feel properly equipped to do the job. For instance, we do not claim expertise in run-off management, and we do not pretend to any knowledge of pure marine business. We will, however, endeavour in such cases to suggest alternative firms whom we consider could help in our place.

Equally we will decline to act if we perceive any real or potential conflict of interest which might arise from an instruction, but - again - will help you find another firm without such conflict.

Effective and focused

Our approach is effective, as the case studies on this website will confirm. In almost every assignment we have undertaken over the last ten years, we have been on the ”winning side”, if there has been a fight to be won.

We undertake to be objective and independent minded. We believe that if you instruct us to look at a problem, we will provide you with the correct answer - not just the one that is comfortable or politically acceptable. We are not lawyers, and will not presume to provide legal advice. Our analyses will always be based on a thorough technical understanding of reinsurance, and a close knowledge of London Market practice. We have a comprehensive library of reinsurance textbooks, articles, judgements and commentaries to help us ensure that we can find the correct answers.

We will always provide a formal quotation of hourly rates and other terms before commencing work. We vary our charges according to the nature and complexity of the tasks undertaken. However, we believe that hourly rates should not be taken as an indication of final cost. We endeavour to work more quickly and more efficiently than less experienced or qualified individuals. We will not undertake unwarranted fishing expeditions at your expense, but address our efforts to the questions you have asked us to answer, or the investigation you have instructed us to carry out. It is our universal practice to confirm our instructions in writing with our clients before starting work. You should then find that our report provides you with a clear exposition of the matter at issue to enable you to make decisions effectively.

We are always available to discuss any of the ways in which we might help you. Please talk or write to us for more information.

Alternatively you can e-mail us at:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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