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Phillippa Rowe is an experienced mediator, trained and accredited by The Academy of Experts and listed on their Register of Qualified Dispute Resolvers and is also accredited as a mediator by Nottingham Law School on behalf of ARIAS(UK) and is a member of the ARIAS(UK) panel of accredited mediators.
She has conducted mediations of insurance-related disputes as well as of several general commercial disputes in the London County Court , under the Court scheme.


Charges vary with the amount at issue in the dispute and are available on request. A daily fee will be levied for each day, or part thereof, requested for the mediation or other hearing, together with an hourly charge for preparation and setting-up time. Disbursements will be charged at cost. Invoices will be subject to VAT.

Any appointment to act as mediator will be carried out in accordance with The Academy of Experts' current Guidelines for Mediation, details of which can be provided on request.

A request for any member of this firm to act as a mediator must be made by completing a form. This form can be downloaded (see below) or supplied on request.

Upon receipt of the completed form requesting mediation, and on the assumption that we are able to act, we will invoice each party for its share of the daily fee for the number of days sitting (or part thereof) requested by the parties, PLUS an adjustable deposit of 2,500.00 for preparation time, disbursements and possible overrun time. Unless otherwise requested, charges will be divided equally between the parties to the mediation. Invoices are payable on receipt. The mediation cannot take place if any payment remains outstanding.

We will, if requested, be responsible for securing appropriate premises and facilities for the conduct of the mediation. This service will be billed at cost, including VAT where appropriate.

A statement of account will be provided to the parties on completion of the mediation. Any unexpended balance of the deposit will be returned to the parties, in such shares as they determine, immediately. Any additional amount payable by the parties is due within fourteen days of the date of the invoice requesting that balance.

Phillippa Ross & Co. is a small business as defined by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

MARCH 2004

How to Apply

Below is a link to a PDF version of our Mediation Application form. To save a copy to your hard drive you need to right-click on the link and select 'save as', or to open within your browser simply left-click on the link.

Mediation Application Form

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